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Pinggao Held National Flag-Raising Ceremony For Celebration of The New Year

Number of visits: Date:January 2,2013

On the morning of Jan 4th, the first workday in 2013, Pinggao held the National Flag-raising ceremony.  Leaders of the company, Li yonghe, Wei Guanglin, Li Wenhai, Shi Houyun, Pang Qingping, Wang Puqing, Luo Ganping, Wang Wujie, Wang Guozhi, Li Juntao, Zhang Jianguo, Zhao Hongfei, and other leaders and league sectaries from sub- companies attended the ceremony.


Company executive director, general manager Li Yonghe gave a new year’s speech. He praised the many achievements made in 2012: great breakthrough in market share, fruitful results in technical projects and new product development, the delivery and installation of our goods in the transmission of Anhui electric power to the east. In 2013, we should adhere to the scientific development concept to guide the overall situation, and comprehensively implement the spirit of the eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, and the decisions and arrangements of the State Grid Corporation as well. we should persist in reform and innovation and forge ahead. Li hope all employees continue to carry forward the good tradition, good style, modesty and prudence, guard against arrogance and rashness, keep energetic and promising with one heart and one mind to jointly write a new chapter in the development of Pinggao.


On 7:40, the national flag was raised accompanied by the melody of the national song March of the volunteers.

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