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Electric Summit Held China Ranks First In Hydropower and Wind Power Installed Capability

Number of visits: Date:January 5,2013


News from the electric enterprises summit: over the past 10 years, China made rapid growth in new energy.  The cumulative wind power capacity increased by 118 times, with average annual growth of more than 60%; Solar PV cumulative installed power capacity increased by 67 times, and the average annual growth is over 50%. At present, China's installed capacity of hydropower, wind power capacity ranked first in the world.


Chairman of the China Electricity Council, the general manager of the State Grid Corporation, party secretary Liu Zhenya, stressed, the development of clean energy must be seen as the strategic focus of energy development, we should vigorously develop hydropower, keep safe and efficient development of nuclear power, and  effective development of wind power, and actively use   solar energy, biomassenergy, geothermal energy in power generation.

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